Relocation Services

Support and assistance in finding a residence
UNITED RECRUITMENT addresses the needs of the employees and their families and endeavors to identify an adequate residence that meets their needs and expectations. Thus, by using this service, our clients save time and money and significantly diminish the period prior starting work. Another advantage of using relocation services is that you can use the time you saved searching for a home to familiarize yourself with Romania while our team searches for the best accommodation.

As is the case with any other country, there are strong points, but there are also difficult situations. We want employers to avoid all these problems and to help their employees to make the perfect choice, therefore we provide you with invaluable information on the Romanian market, as well as on the most efficient negotiation techniques.

The relocation service comprises the following steps:
•    a discussion with the client;
•    identifying the market offer;
•    viewing accommodation options on behalf of the client;
•    negotiating lease or purchase agreements.

Child Education Assistance

We are here to support you in finding schools or high schools in which your children can receive the finest education during your stay in Romania.

Romanian Language Training

We have all the necessary information to facilitate your access to first-rate institutions where employees can learn Romanian.

Tax Consultancy

The UNITED RECRUITMENT team also has expertise in the field of tax consultancy and can provide you with consultancy for negotiating and entering individual employment agreements, all of which is done pursuant to confidentiality, risk and exclusivity clauses.

Furthermore, our specialists will be your consultants in any private international law relation, adapting the requirements, clauses, rights and obligations according to the Romanian labor law.

Moreover, we provide any foreign citizen with legal consultancy and representation in civil matters, contentious administrative matters, tax or criminal matters.

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