About Us

United Recruitment is a leading player of the HR market specialized in foreign staff recruitment. Our company’s competitive advantage is that partnering up with us results in decreased staff expenses and receiving a guarantee that the workforce provided by us is skilled in the required business segments.

“A good farmer makes a good farm” – starting from this motto, in 2005 we started building a business meant to support companies looking to hire skilled foreign staff.
Our experience in expat consultancy and foreign staff recruitment endorses us when your company is looking to hire professional employees.
In recent years, the dynamics of the Romanian labor market required us to expand our recruitment area to all Asian labor exporters: Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam.
Consequently, we successfully provided our partners with the right staff for the required activities (skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled staff), thus facilitating the development of their businesses without further human resources problems, a situation so often encountered in Romania in recent years.
The rapid development of certain industries in the Romanian economy (tourism, agriculture, construction, transportation etc.) represents the starting point for entering long-term partnerships with you, our prospective client.

Camelia Patru, CEO

Our mission

Our mission is to develop strategic and durable partnerships with our clients so that they can benefit from our experience and use it to bolster the development of their business. With its business-centered approach that is focused on increasing the performance of the companies that choose to become our clients, United Recruitment aims to become a benchmark on the Romanian market.

United Recruitment

Our services are provided promptly and efficiently in order to satisfy the requirements of our partners. United Recruitment undertakes to provide the right staff, originating from Asian countries, within three to five months, an unbeatable term on the Romanian market.
Furthermore, taking into account the expertise we acquired in recent years and our prices, we represent a competitive choice, as our fees are acknowledged as being among the lowest on the market.
Our clients are large companies, multinational corporations, as well as local small and medium-sized enterprises whom we provide with employment and secondment services for all staff categories.
Selected employees come from countries such as Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam, and occupy positions in the following fields: construction, industry, transportation, logistics, agriculture, tourism, sales, spa & wellness, nursing and home care.
Moreover, our services include consultancy, representation and assistance for any legal or natural person interested in the field of legal immigration to Romania, regardless of purpose.

  • Our values
    The basis of a society’s wealth lies with its human resources. Thus, the company United Recruitment makes the responsibility toward its clients and employees its topmost priority, which in turn determines the proper performance of any activity. Professional training, continuous personal development, permanent education and maintaining a fair relationship with our partners are just some of the values that motivate the United Recruitment team.
  • Our objectives are: performance, respect, flexibility, professionalism and the courage to innovate in order to provide our clients with the most efficient solutions and the most relevant expertise.
  • Quality
    All our services are carried out so as to meet strict standards, according to meticulous methodology and work ethic, in order to provide excellent results.
  • Collaboration
    Collaboration generates synergy among our team and our partners. Combining our expertise allows us to deliver the best result possible.
  • Diversity
    Our multidisciplinary team comprises professionals from different backgrounds, who have extensive personal and professional experience, which allows them to adapt very quickly to any requirements and situations.

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